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  1. admin says:

    See you at the Grady-Outlaw Reunion Saturday, August 28th, 2010

  2. Dana says:

    Look forward to the reunion

  3. Betsy Craig says:

    Hi. My Grandmother was Olive Grady of Duplin County NC. Her Father was John David Grady. My Grandfather was Newton Smith and his mother was Meta Outlaw.

    How do you join the historical society?

    Betsy Craig

    • Betsy Craig, ( Norma Elizabeth)
      I am the historian of the Grady-Outlaw assoc. I have your history up to your mother and you. Your mother bought one of my books on our family. I am in your family. My grand father William Joshua “Jock” Grady and your great grandfather James McRay Grady were brothers.
      I noticed that you thought John David Grady was your great grandfather. He was brother to Olive Grady. James McRay Grady was their father.
      I have some information on your grand father Newton Smith also.
      My e-mail address is
      LouGene Smith Hemphill

  4. Lori Ann Grady Worley says:

    Betsy, “Members” of our organization are those who are descendants of John Grady and James Outlaw, descended from the Duplin County, NC area in/around the area also known as “Chocolate”. Just reading through the names you’ve mentioned, there is no doubt you are a “member” of our clan!

    We are an established 50(c)3 nonprofit organization, but we have no membership fees. Of course, donations are tax deductible as charitable gifts, but we have no dues or other strict rules! All Association activities are open to the descendants of John Grady and James Outlaw and their families (and friends, we LOVE a big crowd!).

    Here is a list of what we have coming up:

    Annual Reunion – August 27, 2011 – we haven’t decided yet whether or not this will be a 2 day event in 2011 (if so, mark the calendar for Friday and Saturday, 8/26 -8/27).

    Reverse Drawing Fundraiser – hosted by the Grady-Outlaw Literary & Historical Association, with proceeds benefiting the Grady-Outlaw Memorial Library at Albertson. April 30, 2011 – tickets are $100, includes dinner for 2 and a chance to win $7,500 grand prize (and other great prizes in between, including 3 shot guns!)

    Albertson Community Christmas party – sponsored by the Grady-Outlaw Literary & Historical Association – December 2011 (date TBD) – free and open to the public. 2011 tentatively has special appearances by “Elvis” – back by popular demand – and Santa lined up!

    Our website is under construction still…hoping to get something useful up here in the next few weeks. If you have email, please contact me directly at to be added to our mailing list.

    Happy New Year

    Lori Ann Grady Worley
    Association Secretary
    Grady-Outlaw Literary & Historical Association

  5. Natalie Shanks says:

    My name is Natalie. I am a decendant of John Graddy and Charity Outlaw. I have several Bible pages and the information as to who was married to who is very murky.
    One page says that my great grandmothers ( Mary Winfred Graddy -m- Eli Alexander Welch) her father and mother were Hayas Graddy and Sarah Seget Hill. Hayas was suppossedly the son of John Graddy and Winifred Graddy who were first cousins. I beleive them both to the grandchildren of Alexander? Can you help me straghten any of it out? I also have them going from NC. to Ga. to Alabama…Hayas was a twin, and killed in the Civil war Battle of th wilderness. I have seen a monument in Va with his name on it…can this be you same Graddy’s?


    My great grandmother, Annie Mertie Loftin, from Lenoir Co had a copy of the Outlaw- Grady book. After her death, I am not sure what happened to the book and would like some information on how to obtain another copy. My daughter is now doing some family history and it was the best I had seen for this side of our family. My Great great great grandmother was Cora Ann Outlaw, who married Thomas Woodley Becton of Lenoir County. Thanks.

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